Sri Harinam Mahamantra (pdf) 1.08

    The transcendental holy name of the Lord, When a qualified person chants hari nama, this light diffuses, thus keeping the darkness of illusion away from the soul. The name of God is directly the form, svarupa of God. Krsna has filled His names with His sweet form, His sweet pastimes and all of His potencies. God is the possessor of His name and is called nami. Although He, nami and His name, nama, are nondifferent, in certain circumstances, the mercy of nama brahma, His Name, exceeds that of nami brahma. By His causeless mercy Sri Krsna appears in the form of nama to deliver the conditioned souls. One who is most fortunate takes diksa, spiritial initiation in the Sri hari nama maha mantra from a bona fide guru who himself is constantly absorbed in Sri hari nama.



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