Sri Brahma Samhita (pdf) 1.08

    Lord Brahmas prayers of devotion to Krsna, these prayers offered at the dawn of creation by Brahma, the secondary creator of the universe, contain all the essential truths of Vaisnava philosophy. Unprecedented and unique among the literature of the bhakti tradition. It is filled with descriptions of the paramount glories of Svayam Bhagavan Sri Govindadeva, and with knowledge of the essential reality of the Supreme Personality and the essential reality of bhakti. It is as if a vast ocean has been bottled in one succinct treatise. Here one will find the collected essence of all Vaisnava scripture, including the Vedas, the Puranas, Bhagavad gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. Sriman Mahaprabhu had this great literature copied very carefully, and then He brought it back with Him to Sridhama Jagannatha Puri, India.



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