Mars 3D Space Tour v1.1

    Mars 3D Space Tour# screensaver v1.1 Mars is a single planet, possible to colonize in nearest time... World of greatest hurricanes, endless red deserts, highest mountains and possible frozen water resources. Take a look at this beautiful wild planet as though you are the First human who flies around the Mars! Incredible space sunset and sunrise in thin Martian atmosphere never seen by a human before! Fly around the Phobos - the largest of the two barren rocks which are the Martian moons.This unique 3D-accelerated screensaver features true photo-realistic and astronomically accurate 3D-simulated orbital flight around the Mars and flyby views of Phobos.Each single frame of endless smooth animation is comparable with best NASA photos, so this screensaver can be also used for educational purposes.Mars 3D Space Tour Features: Unique ('know-how') rendering method avoids common 3D inaccuracy (like 'aliasing', etc.) and provide true photo-realistic image quality, keeping acceptable speed! Amazing show of Martian sunsets and sunrises, atmospheric dawn shines. Astronomically accurate 3D models with carefully adjusted colors, blur, atmospheric fogs and high-quality textures. More than 9000 background stars are rendered with real coordinates, brightness, and colors (spectral class) Endless camera trajectory will be new on each screensaver start. "Demo Mode" allows you to run screensaver at any time as usual demo-program (useful for educational demonstrations) . Advanced configuration dialog is well integrated with other screensavers from our 3D Space Tour# collection and has a Web-Update feature, makes you able to preview and download all new additions to this screensavers collection by one-two clicks!



Download link Free Download Mars 3D Space Tour
Size 1300 KB
License Shareware
Price 14.95
Category Desktop Enhancements / Cursors
Operating System Windows
Developer FP Software lab.


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