Alien planet morphing 1.0

    Incredible 3D-game with unusual opportunities and dynamically changeable world. You are the powerful alien from an ancient civilization. You can alter surrounding world by force of your thought . You can create mountains and caves, hills and valleys. But your power requires updating. For this purpose you should collect magic balls on different planets. Special sphere - assistant will help you. She cannot be operated directly. But it is possible to change ground around sphere. Create mountain or a hollow - and sphere start moving on a slope. Alter a landscape on the way of sphere - and she will stop. Thus you can force to slide, accelerate, stop and jump sphere. You will visit various planets with a different landscape. And on each planet you can change a landscape.
Game has 90 unique levels, change of day and night, 2 modes of change of a surface: constant change and time change. Time change is used for special long jumps. 3 modes of game: classical, climb and race. The classical mode is a big adventure on the most different planets with a plenty of variants of passage of game. The climb mode is a set of levels with a plenty of jumps, mountains and hollows. The race mode is a game on the high speeds. Alien planet morphing is a dynamical game with a fresh gameplay, beautiful 3D-graphics and plenty of opportunities which make game fascinating and unusual.



Download link Free Download Alien planet morphing
Size 3966KB
License Shareware
Price 19.95
Category Games / Action
Operating System Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003
Developer DKNSoft

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