Am I a weirdo? I have been trying to figure out if I am a weirdo. I like to collect momentums from previous relationships and some of the girls I work with at London escorts think that keeping momentums from my London escorts clients and other men that I have dated in the past, is a strange thing to do. But, I have to admit that I think that it is perfectly normal, and I get a kick out of it. Many of the men that I have met at London escorts I have liked and it is nice to have a momento of them.

What are my personal favorite keepsakes? Well, to be honest, I keep all sorts of stuff. That being said, I am not into keeping looks of hair or anything like that. Instead, I tend to collect items of clothing if I can. My special keepsake box is rather large actually. Often I try to collect a tie or something like from the men I really like to date. I am not sure how many ties I have as I have lost count, but many of my charlotte London escorts regulars have “donated” me their ties.

Am I the only girl at our London escorts agency who likes to hang on to momentos? No, I am not the only girl who likes to keep momentos. Okay, I may be the only girl at our London escorts agency who likes to collect stuff, but I have worked with another girl who used to collect socks. She had a real fetish about collecting socks and used to have tons of odd socks in a drawer in her bedroom. I really can’t see the point in collection socks, but each to his or her own as they say. I am sure that there are other London escorts who collect keepsakes as well.

What do I do with my keepsakes? I really don’t do anything special with my keepsakes at all. Sometimes I like to sit down and go through my keepsake drawer. You may not believe this, but I can remember every man who has given me a tie. When I pick up a tie, I see their faces and remember them fondly. It makes me feel all warm and glowy on the inside. You probably think that most London escorts like to forget about the men they date, but that is not me, I actually like to remember them. In fact, many of them have become friends.

What should you collect? There are many things you can collect. I know a couple of girls who work for a rival London escorts agency who collect some really bizarre stuff. I think that once you have become a collector, you will carry on collecting other stuff as well. Where does my collection fetish come from? Well, my mom used to collect Tupperware and I guess that I may have got it from there. Collecting stuff is nothing new, but is today less popular. We seem to be totally obsessed with trying to declutter our lives and collecting is not such a popular hobby these days. What is your hobby?

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